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Dental Examinations

We want to get to know you and your teeth personally. With regular appointments, we can help you use your teeth through a lifetime. With semi-annual examinations, we can help find or prevent health issues before they become serious. There can be problems that only we can see, problems that need that professional eye, or even x-rays to catch. By having consistent dental check-ups we catch problems before they become a bigger problem. Ignoring small treatable problems will only help them become worse and they may require more extensive and expensive procedures to fix. Dr. Swanson's dental examinations generally include:

•  looking for any tooth decay.
•  checking for any visual gum disease.
•  measuring and tracking your gum pockets.
•  take digital x-rays to detect any unseen tooth decay, cysts or tumors.
•  screening for Gum Disease.
•  screening for Oral Cancer.

James Swanson, DDS
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(206) 633-1048
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James Swanson, DDS | | (206) 633-1048
4115 University Way, Suite 117, Seattle, WA 98105



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