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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth, are the last teeth you receive and are located the furthest back in your mouth on both sides and arches. Their names derives from the lateness of their arrival, suggesting that you are more wise by the time they erupt. During your scheduled dental exam, Dr. James Swanson will examine your wisdom teeth to evaluate the health of the teeth, if they are impacted and if they are properly positioned.

Frequently, wisdom teeth need to be removed. Extraction is decided when there is:
•  sensitivity or pain
•  infection observed through visual or x-ray inspection
•  decay from inability to brush properly due to positioning
•  cysts, indicating infection
•  damage to surrounding teeth
•  inflamed gums

Dr. Swanson may also recommend removal of your wisdom teeth if they are forcing other teeth to shift their position due to overcrowding.

Other health conditions, including diabetes, blood pressure, and pregnancy, may increase potential problems with your wisdom teeth.

Instructions following your wisdom teeth extraction

Tooth extraction of your wisdom teeth is generally uncomfortable. Following your extraction appointment, a majority of our patients will experience symptoms that include, bleeding, severe pain, oozing in the extraction site, and overall soreness. This will last approximately three days.

How long can I expect bleeding to last?

Bleeding is common following an extraction, but it should stop within 12 hours following the procedure. If you are experiencing any significant bleeding contact Dr. Swanson immediately. If moderate bleeding has continued for longer than 12 hours please contact our office immediately. Patients have reported the oozing of pink fluid for 1-2 days following the extraction, this is normal and should not cause concern unless the symptoms extend for longer than expected or seem severe.

How can I relieve pain following my extraction?

We recommend over the counter medications including Tylenol, Advil, or Aleve to relieve pain following your extraction. Pain that is severe or pain that lasts more than 3 days may be an indication of a problem, please contact our office in this event.

The Healing Process

Dr. Swanson does not want you to disturb or infect the extraction site. Please do not touch the site with your fingers. Eating soft foods for 24 hours is recommended. Do not rinse or swish with any liquid, including regular or salt water, for the first 24 hours.

24 Hours After Wisdom Teeth Removal

To promote healing, rinse with warm salt water, concocted at home, nothing specially bought, for 1 minute a couple of times daily for a few days. Salt water will reduce the number of bacteria in your mouth.

If you have any further questions about the healing process following your Wisdom Teeth removal, please feel free to call us.

For more information on the removal of wisdom teeth, and other tooth extractions, contact our Seattle, WA office at (206) 633-1048.
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