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Patient Info IconOur front office staff is here to help. We can schedule appointments, assist you in completing office paperwork, and are able to answer your billing questions including what your coverage pays for.

Patient Appointments

To be respectful of all of our patients, we request that you are seen by appointment only. Though we do welcome phone calls to see if there are any cancellations if you are hoping to be seen immediately. Our entire dental team makes every effort to stay on schedule for all of our patients, and we ask that you make the same effort for us. If you find that you are unable to keep an appointment, please contact our office immediately. We ask that you gives a minimum of 48 hour notice, we reserve the right to impose missed appointment fees. We realize that life's crazy moments do come up, there are unexpected emergencies or illnesses that occur, but we ask for your consideration toward our business.

We work to schedule appointments to fit your schedule and offer a wide range of office hours to fit you. Before your appointment, please, fill out our online New Patient Paperwork.

Insurance & Patient Co-payments

If you have dental insurance, our front office staff will help you understand your coverage. We ask that you submit your dental insurance and/or your medical insurance information to us at least two days before your initial appointment, along with your New Patient Paperwork. This gives our staff time to contact your insurance company and obtain a list of your benefits. If Dr. Swanson determines that restoration is needed, we will look into your benefits and be able to provide you with a detailed breakdown of what your insurance will cover, and the estimated costs that will need to be paid by you. It is our policy for patients to pay in whole during the time of service.

At James Swanson, DDS., our professional care is provided to you, not to your insurance company. You are our priority. Likewise, your relationship is with us, not your insurance company, patients are responsible to the Dr. Swanson for all bills. We are happy to assist you in filing out your dental or medical claim and handle your insurance questions.

Financial Policy

Our financial policy is as follows. We created this policy as an effort to reduce costs to you and to protect our staff.
•  Payment needs to be made in full of any account balance within 20 days of the statement date.
•  We gladly accept major credit cards including: Visa, Discover, American Express, or MasterCard.
•  We offer medical credit through and are happy to help you process your application.

For more information on scheduling appointments, billing, or help with your insurance, contact our Seattle, WA office at (206) 633-1048.
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