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Child looking at camera wearing sportsguardSportsguards, sometimes called, mouthguards, are used to protect your teeth and to take some of the pressure of impact to your mouth while engaging in sports or outdoor activities. This is an important piece of protective gear. Just as important as helmets, knee pads, and other pads, all athletes need to protect their mouth. Facial injuries account for 40% of sport related injuries. Dr. James Swanson can discuss the importance of protecting your teeth and mouth with a sportsguard and why it is important to have a customized version that has been fitted for you. He can tell you how this can dramatically reduce the risk of oral injuries and help to save your teeth while playing sports related activities.

The ADA has recommended that sport players in the following areas should really consider a mouthguard:
•  Football
•  Skateboarding
•  Ice Hockey
•  Baseball
•  Soccer
•  Lacrosse
•  Field Hockey
•  Basketball
•  Skiing
•  In-Line Skating
•  Boxing
•  Martial Arts
•  Softball
•  Volleyball
•  Water Polo

What is a Sportsguard?

Sportsguards are a dental appliance that is designed to be a protective piece of gear. Made from a molded plastic, a sportsguard that is made in office is customized to fit your teeth. Wearing this dental device will significantly help to protect your teeth, tongue, and jaw from impact. Because they can absorb impact, sportsguards have even been shown to decrease the severity of concussions. More and more, schools are requiring their student athletes to wear a sportsguard, and injuries have reduced.

Dentist Made Sportsguard

Why should I get a custom, dentist made sportsguard?

At James Swanson, DDS., we can customize a sportsguard that will be strong, comfortable and durable. We will mould, and fit the sportsguard to fit in your mouth. For the safety of your player, this is a practical option that may be covered by your insurance.

Store bought sportsguards are available, the disadvantage to them is that they come in a one size fits all sizing. Our young patients often tells us that they find them to be uncomfortable because they are bulky or do not fit well, and so then they do not wear them, or do not wear them correctly. Before you purchase any sportsguard, ask Dr. Swanson for his opinion.

Additionally, ask us about sportsguards that are customized to fit patients with dental braces, cleft palate, removable dental devices including a bridge or denture and a jaw that is protruding.

Sportsguard Care

We like to remind our patients that a sportsguard can only protect you if you wear it. Your sportsguard should always be worn during both practices and games. Chewing on your sportsguard may weaken it or cause tears which will decrease its effectiveness. If you find any holes, tears, or other damage, it may cause irritation to your gums, contact our Seattle office immediately.

When cleaning your sportsguard, we recommend that you simply rinsing it with cold water or mouthwash after each use. Occasionally, you may decide to take your toothbrush to your sportsguard, we recommend using either toothpaste or soapy water when doing so. Avoid your sportsguard being left somewhere it is subject to bacteria or high heat from the sun. Most patients find that a small perforated container or Tupperware works best.

We want you to get the right sportsguard

Dr. Swanson is happy to answer any questions about protecting your teeth while playing sports and what you can do. For more information on customized sportsguards and helping your athlete keep his or her teeth, contact our Seattle, WA office at (206) 633-1048.
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