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Teeth Whitening

Before and after photo of teeth whitening treatmentOur teeth get stained from our normal daily use. Some patients find that these stains can be worse from habits including drinking coffee, tea, or smoking. If you are like most, you have found yourself wondering if over the counter teeth whitening products really work and are they worth the cost? Dr. Swanson offers both in office and at home teeth whitening options. Working with our office means that he will answer your questions and monitor your progress.

Our At Home Teeth Whitening Process

Our at Home Whitening process lets you control your results. Our Seattle office would create a mold for you that fits to the size of your mouth, you don't have to worry about a one size fits all tray. You are sent home with the mold and a whitening gel that has been approved by Dr. Swanson. At home, you can choose to wear the mold, with the gel, for half an hour a day for two weeks or to sleep with it for one or two nights. With you in control, you decide when you have the results you desire.

Our In Office Teeth Whitening Process

Our in Office Whitening process gets results fast. We take care of the work for you and most patients are done in about an hour. Under Dr, Swanson's observation, we use a very strong gel, and this gel is applied to whiten the front eight teeth up to ten shades brighter than they currently are.

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